Same Dark Sweater

The semester is officially over for me and has been since Tuesday. I’ve used the extra time to watch the first season of Arrested Development. As you can tell, I’m already putting my seminary education to work. Our focus now is to continue the IMB application process and get overseas. In the meantime, it’s summer (kind of) and we’re heading back to Oklahoma next week for 10 days. While I do have some serious blogs coming soon, I have to start with a blog about summer music. There never seems to be a better time to roll down your windows, put on your sunglasses, cruise around town, and blare pop punk music from your car speakers than summer. I’ve come up with a list of ten essential summer albums (in no particular order) that have provided a summer soundtrack for me throughout the years. There’s plenty more, but these are a few to get you through those lazy Summer days while you sip on a Mountain Dew.

FM Static – What Are You Waiting For? – This is just good ol’ fashioned pop punk rock at its best. Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch put together this side project in 2003 and I’m glad he did. You’re never too old for songs about heartbreak and high school (or are you?).

Yellowcard – Ocean Avenue – Punk music with a violinist. Nuff said.

LA Symphony – Call It What You Want – This album never got released due to stupid record label garbage. If it had, it would be on everyone’s top summer album’s list. As it is, you’ll have to hit limewire if you want some songs off of this beauty.

Dead Poetic – New Medicines – Yes, Brandon Rike, your band did used to be screamo. I don’t know why you’re mad though, no one else seems to be. New Medicines is the shiz.

Underoath – They’re Only Chasing Safety – Need to get out a little angst this summer? Or just feel like screaming at the top of your lungs and then listening to Aaron Gillespie sing you to sleep? Then check out TOCS.

St. Lunatics – Free City – This is Nelly’s group that he grew up with in St. Louis. They didn’t get as big as Nelly’s solo stuff did, but this is still a great album.

Joey the Jerk – Average Joe – We could put just about any LA Symphony (or solo members) album on this list, but I picked this one because it helped get me though a tumultuous 2003 summer. Thanks Joey.

MxPx – The Everpassing Moment – You could also pick just about any MxPx album for this list, but this one is my favorite.

Grits – The Art of Translation – This is Grits back before they got weird. Fun album, and you can’t go wrong with a song named Tennessee Bwoys.

PAX 217 – Engage – Although I’m not into it as much anymore, the whole nu-metal, rapcore, whatever you want to call it genre did have a good couple years. This is one of the better releases in the genre.

That’s all. I’ve got more blogs coming very soon (if anyone still cares), including why Christian hip hop isn’t a failure and a defense of my church. See ya then.


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