no hardcore dancing in the living room

So I’ve got several new posts worked up, and they’ll be coming very, very soon. In the meantime, I’d like to update you on some exciting news for Teresa and I. Since I already sent out an email to several people and don’t feel like re-typing the story, I’m going to post the email here for you to read. Also, there’s a new Music Video of the Week posted, so go watch it, and for the love of pete, comment (if you want to).

Earlier this summer, Teresa and I came into a weird situation. I only need one more class to meet the minimum requirement for us to get appointed by the International Mission Board. However, we realized that with the higher cost of living and the decrease in our income, we couldn’t afford to live here another year while waiting for our appointment. After talking with several people, we decided that it would be wise of us to move back to Enid and for me to take my last class online. After basically making our decision, I decided to look at an employment bulletin and saw that there was an opening for two Americorps position with a group called YouthBuild here in Louisville. We’ve worked with Americorps before while we were with Project Transformation in 2005 and 2006. This group works with inner city youth (aprox. ages 16-22) that have felony charges or other criminal records and helps them through the court process and also helps them learn job skills so they will be prepared to get back on their feet.

We called, got interviews along with many other people, and to make an incredibly long story incredibly short, we got hired and start on Monday. It was amazing that even one of us got hired, let alone both of us. Our monthly income will increase by around 1000 dollars and we can afford to stay (not to mention we’ll have insurance for the first time in a year)! We’re super excited, and although it pushes our appointment date back since we have to commit to this for at least a year, we’re still stoked to have an awesome ministry opportunity here and we feel God has placed this in front of us for a reason. We’ve been praying for ministry here since we moved, and although we’ve had some, we haven’t had a big breakthrough until now.

Because the office of this place is located on the campus of a community college downtown, we get time off whenever the school is out. Therefore, if the Lord wills, we’ll be home for around two weeks come December and hope to see most of you then. If you want more info on the program, go to this website:

Thanks so much for your prayers and your encouragement. Feel free to keep us up to date on your lives as well, since we don’t always get to hear from everybody. Have a great day!



  1. Rich Clark Said:

    I know a lot of people reading this are somewhat disappointed, but I’m very very relieved and look forward to spending lots of time playing catan and watching music videos with you guys.

  2. hesonlychasingsafety Said:

    Rich, you’re welcome to come watch music videos anytime. I’m also never losing to you at catan ever again. Just so you know.

  3. Bryan Said:


    I’m extremely excited about the news. Now that Sam is in town, we need to hang out and do one of those double-date things.

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