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Red, White, and . . . Boo Hoo?

I would like to take time this morning to congratulate Barack Obama on becoming the 44th president of the United States of America.  Many of you know that I did not vote in this election for numerous reasons and I was prepared to accept whoever the country chose for the position of commander in chief.  I am happy to tell you that I am pleased with the results and will continue to pray for Obama during his time in office.  I know many people this morning are hurt, angry, even fearful, and I would like to remind you of God’s sovereignty over positions of authority.  Instead of living in anger this morning, find time to pray for Obama, his family, and the four years that lay ahead of him.

If that’s not enough, remember that in Romans 12, Paul calls us to “rejoice with those who rejoice.”  I know so many of you who are so thankful and overwhelmed this morning that Obama is the new president and this country will soon, perhaps, be heading in a new direction.  For those of you who are angry and hurt this morning, remember that many of your dear friends and brothers and sisters in Christ are overjoyed.  We are called to share in their joy and praise God for what he has done (whether you like it or not).

I don’t mean for this post to be rude or anything of the sort.  I hope it doesn’t come across that way.  I just know that we are called to seek joy in all situations and that God is faithful, true, and sovereign in all that he does.  Therefore, how could we be angry over a decision that he has made and called good?  I encourage you to find joy in God’s sovereignty this day.  I hope you all have a wonderful day!